3 Ways Technology Is Helping Businesses During The Pandemic

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3 Ways Technology Is Helping Businesses During The Pandemic

Find out how technology has been lending a helping hand during the pandemic.

The pandemic has been a difficult time for many. Alongside the illness, many workplaces have been struggling to keep themselves afloat with the new lockdown and social distancing rules.

In a moment of darkness, technology rose as the knight in shining armor and helped businesses navigate the otherwise bleak future. Here’s how technology has been a big help.

Being Virtual

When working in close quarters at the workplace became impossible, a lot of businesses had to shift to a work from home setting. This change would’ve been close to impossible if it wasn’t for technology.

With the magic of WiFi and a laptop, everyone started working from home with no trouble at all. Meetings were held, projects were completed, and business went on as usual! No more worries about contracting the virus or commuting during lockdown, for technology reigned supreme by making way for work-from-home arrangements.

Being Visible


Alongside an internet connection and a laptop keeping workflow consistent, the webcam has also helped keep faces familiar during the pandemic.

Having an audio meeting can be quite jarring and alienating. Luckily, webcams have gotten rid of that barrier, and through video calls, more and more people are staying connected to their bosses and colleagues while maintaining a safe distance!

Being Cautious

In an effort to commemorate technology, we can’t forget the most used and probably one of the oldest office machines to still hold an essential space, the printer!

With the vaccine drive granting immunity to workforces, many offices are slowly opening up and making space for in-person working. This is great news! However, despite getting the vaccination, SOPs need to be followed. Instead of constantly reminding individuals of what they should and shouldn’t do, printers have been a saving glory.

Not sure how? Well, they help print bright and colorful reminders for the workplace in order to keep social distancing rules in place. Whether it’s remaining six feet apart of wearing your mask, printouts are a great way to add physical reminders without the need of going up to people and telling them upfront.

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