3 Printing Problems to Avoid Before an Important Meeting

A commercial copier.

3 Printing Problems to Avoid Before an Important Meeting

A paper jam or a printer running out of ink is not a good excuse for ruining your business’ reputation in a meeting. Avoid these.

A malfunctioning printer can make or break a business meeting if you need printed materials ready before the meeting. You don’t want to disappoint your guests by offering them sub-par service. You want to make sure everything goes seamlessly, but the most unexpected printer problems can mess up all your plans at the last moment.  

The comic copier scenes in the movie Office Space certainly seem hilarious, but it’s not funny when your business is at stake. Copiers and printers can break down at the worst possible times when you need them to work fine.

But if you know what might happen, you might as well prevent it. Let’s look at some common printer problems.

Paper Jams

This is the cornerstone of modern office tragedies and, by far, the most frustrating. Imagine having to print 50 sheets before a meeting with an hour to go and the paper gets stuck in the machine. You can tug, pull or hit buttons all you want, but the paper jam won’t fix. Moreover, DIY tricks to wrestle with the jammed paper may even cause hardware damage and require professional repairs.

The fault often lies in loading the paper correctly. Paper jams happen when you choose the wrong paper size or install them without proper alignment.

Paper dust can be another reason why papers get stuck. Make sure to clean the feed tires before every meeting and vacuum the machine to remove dust buildup.

a female employee copying documents using the office copier.

Poor Quality Prints

With documents that contain diagrams, pictures, and graphs, you need the print quality to be excellent. Unclear visuals are not just unappealing but also don’t provide the information accurately. Printouts married with black marks, unclear images, and other problems are not acceptable for a business meeting.

Redoing the prints uses up costly resources, takes time, and occupies employees who could be doing more productive work. But such inefficiencies need to be eliminated before an important meeting. Clean the scanner glass, check the developer unit or drum-blade or bring the machine to us for a quick repair.

Cartridge Issues

This should be first on your to-do list before any meeting. Cartridges that are low on ink can run out anytime, so don’t take the risk. Make sure the new toner is compatible with your printer, or it might affect print quality.

Remember: All printed materials bear the name of your business and will go along with the delegates when they leave. You don’t want them to carry a poor symbol of your company values with them.

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